Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Jets fly into the Ellice Theatre

When Winnipegers head out to the cinema they often go to catch the next action blockbuster or rom com, but if they make the trip to the Ellice Cafe and Theatre they can watch the Winnipeg Jets.

Ellice Theatre and Cafe

Ellice Theatre and Cafe manager Tim Theissen decided to show Jets games for free in the theatre because he thought seeing a game on the big theatre screen would be a great experince for Jets fans, but also because he knows that many of the people who live around the theatre can't afford to subscribe to TSN Jets.

“Alot of the people around here can't even afford cable, never mind the Jets channel.” said Theissen, “I wanted to give people the opportunity to see the games and with all the hype around the Jets right now, I feel bad that some people can't watch the games.”

Theissen also thought that the chance for Jets fans to sit together in a theatre setting and watch the game was a cool and original idea.

“People usually watch the games at home or in a bar, but this is something totally different. You can sit and watch the game on the big theatre screen and get all the usual theatre snacks like popcorn and soda. It's a completely different way to watch the game.

Theissen says that it has been a slow build in terms of people coming out to watch the games but he also knows he started late in the season and that it will take time to get the word out.

“It's been a slow build for sure but there seems to be more people every game and I really think it will keep building next year when we do it right from the start of the season. Hey were not silver city, were a small independent theatre, but the screen is still really big amd it's great for watching hockey.”

Winnipeg musician and West End resident Mike Cann attends many different events at the Ellice Cafe and Theatre and thinks this is just one more reason to go to the theatre.

Winnipeg Musician Mike Cann

“I can't tell you how many concerts I've gone to there. It's a great venue and now I will definately take in a few games there. Hey I'm a musician, I can't afford cable so it's nice that I can walk down the street and take in a game.”

For more information on the Ellice Cafe and Theatre check out ellicetheatre.com