Friday, 16 March 2012

Check out Winnipeg White Out

I want to use my blog post this week to promote a great Jets website that is getting a lot of attention from hockey fans. The site is called, named obviously after the great Winnipeg tradition of whiting out the Arena during the playoffs. A tradition that I hope will be re-ignited this spring.

Winnipeg WhiteOut is very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Two of the writers are my buddies Tyler Esquivel and Joey Traa both which i know from from the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Tyler has had two of his articles linked to, which would obviously increase the hits for his articles.

It was also genius for the creators of the site to call it Winnipeg Whiteout. The Whiteout is a long standing playoff tradition in Winnipeg and they have maximised their hits by calling the site something that people will often search, even if they aren't looking for their specific site.

Check out hockey fans. You won't be disappointed.