Friday, 27 January 2012

Tim Thomas chooses a "Tea Party" over a trip to the White House

Last night on "Behind the Bench" we talked about a big controversy going on in the NHL right now and I spoke some very strong opinions on it. The following opinions are mine and I'm not saying I'm right but that this is just what I think.

Every year the winners of the Stanley Cup are invited to go to the White House and meet the president. Last week the Boston Bruins made their trip to the White House but one member of the team was very noticeably absent.

Tim Thomas, a far right conservative, refused to join his team, saying that his choose was not political but because Government has gotten too large and threatened Americans freedoms and liberties as individuals.

On this I call BS on more than one front. For one thing that desicion was purely political. Tim Thomas is a far right conservative who associates himself with the American Tea Party Movement, so it is absolute rubbish to say that this isn't a political desicion.

For a second thing, he may not agree with Obama's politics and has every right not to, but he does make millions playing hockey, walk down the street in relative safety and he's not persecuted for his political beliefs, so he and every other Tea Partiers out there needs to stop saying that Obama is stealing Americans liberties and freedoms. And if they do want to keep saying this, they need to back it up with facts which they usually can't do.

I believe the problem with the far right conservative movement in the United States is its complete refusal to compromise with anything that does not fit with their hard line way of thinking. Tim Thomas is another shining example of this when he outright refused to show up at the White House. Heaven forbid a Tea Party Conservative be in the same room as Obama. Heck they may as well just join the Communist Party. (Note Sarcasm)

Tim has every right to believe what he wants but I believe that not showing up at the White House was an insult to his teamates, The Boston Bruins and the NHL.