Thursday, 22 September 2011

The View from P2

There is not much I can say about the first Jets game in fifeteen years that hasn't already been said. I was not one of the lucky ones who was there.  On T.V the building looked electric, and the Jets looked solid.

My Dad, however, was lucky enough to be there. Five years of supporting the Manitoba Moose has paid of nicely for Brian Baxter, and I couldn't be happier that after fifeteen years he and my Mom are once again doing what they love to do. Going to Jets games. Well Dad also took his camera with him and got some amazing video so let's let the videos do the talking on this blog and why don't we start with the very first Winnipeg Jets goal.

Before the game even started one of the best moments of the night was watching 15,000 people singing Oh Canada in unison. Fifeteen years ago many Winnipegers thought that the United States was stealing the game of hockey from us and I think the way that the crowd belted out the song was in some ways a response to that.

If there were two players that stole the show on Tuesday it was rookie Mark Scheifele and of course big Dustin Byfuglien. Bigg Buff is a taylor made fan favorite and his center ice hit at the start of the game looked like someone skating into a brick wall. It didn't take long for Buff to irritate a few of the Blue Jackets and there were a couple fights within the first minute. So here they are.

No Jets game could be complete without the wave.

Well at the end of the game the crowd stood and cheered for the entire last minute. You would have thought the team had just won the stanley cup and this was just a preseason game. So let's end by watching that last minute in all it's glory.